FreeTube < 0.4.0 is now Deprecated

Well this wasn't exactly a post I was expecting to make. It has been made to my attention that previous versions of FreeTube haven't been working properly in the past few days. Looking into the issue, it looks like the YouTube API was reorganized which breaks the functionality of FreeTube versions that were still using it.

Because of the changes made by YouTube, any version below 0.4.0 is now deprecated. While it appears that the changes were minor and could be fixed, I would rather the effort go towards a 0.4.1 release to fix some of the issues with the current version. If there is enough demand ot fix up 0.3.X then I guess I could take a look at it.

How do we prevent this in the future?

The great thing about this is that the solution has already been made. The switch to the Invidious API allows us to fix any issues with the API without having to release a new version of FreeTube. This is a great example to show that moving away from YouTube's API was the right way forward.

I will be trying to work on 0.4.1 during this week so hopefully we can get it to a much more usable state than what it is right now.

Thank you for your patience.