FreeTube Release 0.4.1 Beta

With big updates come big issues. Luckily I'm here today to release 0.4.1 which should fix the major issues that everyone was having with 0.4.0 so let's go through the changes.

Subscriptions Load More Reliably Again

There have been some issues with FreeTube not loading subscriptions properly for one reason or another. This is now fixed and the channels that are causing issues will now be named and shamed.

Subscriptions Load Less Frequently

Another issue with the latest release is that subscriptions (and as a result, the rest of FreeTube) has felt a bit sluggish. While I cannot force subscriptions to load faster, I can make this load less frequently. You'll notice that navigating through the UI has become a bit smoother as a result.

To counter the subscriptions loading less frequently, I have added a new refresh button in the top menu. Clicking on this will force your subscriptions to reload. I have also added a new keyboard shortcut to do this: Ctrl + R

Other Changes

There were some small changes as well with this release, which includes the following:

Behind the Scenes

Looking for a more technical explanation on how I fix these? Check out my recent Behind the Scenes blog on fixing 0.4.0. I'm interested in hearing your feedback on this.

All FreeTube Versions Before 0.4.0 Are Now Deprecated

If you didn't see the latest blog posts, any FreeTube version below version 0.4.0 have become deprecated. You can learn more about the articles here and here.


If anyone finds any more issues with the current release, please let me know. As always, I appreciate your feedback towards each release.

Take care!

NOTE: Packages are not signed and your virus protection may take notice. Please check out the F.A.Q. for more info.