FreeTube Release 0.5.2 Beta

Well, so much for trying to wrap on bow on everything for 0.5.1. Turns out there were quite a few more issues to get through. There are still some nice changes here to make the update worth it so let's get to it.

Exporting in Different Formats

Thank you to @kskarthik for the contribution. You can now pick a couple of different formats when exporting FreeTube subscriptions. You can pick the default FreeTube format, or you can export in OPML or NewPipe formats.

Open Video in Mini Player from the Video List View

Another contribution by @kskarthik. There's a new option in the dot menu near a given video that will allow you to open up the video straight into the mini player without having to leave the screen you're on.

Mini Player Keyboard Shortcuts

Users have asked for the video controls to be added to the mini player. I'd like to do something a little better than that, but this should hold everyone off for now. All of the keyboard shortcuts in the main player now work within the mini player as well.

Better Update Logic

Up until now, I was relying on a GitHub API key in order to check for new releases of FreeTube. Unfortunately it looks like we've had some problems with the API key in previous releases not working. I have updated the functionality of checking for updates to not require an API key, which should make checking for updates much more reliable.

Other Changes

Flathub Release

From this release going forward, FreeTube is now released as a Flatpak! A big thanks to @mat8913 and the Flatpak community for their work on this. You can view the FreeTube entry over at the Flathub Website to download FreeTube on to your system. For now, the FreeTube Browser extension will not work if you install through Flathub. I'm hoping to get this fixed sometime in the future. Scratch that, this has been fixed!


As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated. Feel free to give you feedback on either GitHub or over at the Matrix server. Take care!

NOTE: Packages are not signed and your virus protection may take notice. Please check out the F.A.Q. for more info.