New FreeTube Mac Build: Fix for Catalina Update

Hey everyone!

There has been some issues with the latest Mac OS update that prevents FreeTube from running on that system. It's been a difficult time trying to fix the issue since I don't have access to a Mac to do testing with.

I have finally been able to set up a Mac OS VM to work on specific issues to Mac OS. To be honest, I wasn't able to track down the issue on why the current release would error out. It would work if your Mac updated to Catalina however if your Mac had a fresh install of Catalina then it would refuse to run FreeTube. I'm assuming this has to do with the more strict policies that Apple has made towards running applications within Mac OS.

As a fix, the old .zip builds will be deprecated and replaced with .dmg builds. With a VM setup, I have no problem providing these going forward and I believe most Mac users prefer this format anyways. The .dmg builds should work on all Mac versions. If you continue to see problems with these new builds then please let me know.

All of the old .zip builds will still be available at the GitHub Releases page, however the website will only link to the new .dmg builds. If you truly need access to .zip files for future releases, please let me know, however I'd rather not provide these since they won't be supported in the latest Mac release.

That's all for now, take care!