Welcome to FreeTube Blogs

Hey there! I'm trying to look at more ways for users to keep up to date with the progress on FreeTube. I'm hoping that using a platform for blogs will help out by being able to give more frequent updates than I could with GitHub. I feel like I could only make a post if I do it alongside a new release. A lot of things can happen in between releases and it would be much better to talk about that in a more timely manner. I may not post all the time on here, but it should be more frequent than what you see on GitHub.

To start off, I'd like to make all future update posts on here instead of GitHub. For any major release, I will use the old GitHub posts to link to here instead. I should be able to cross post over there as well but I'd like to start off not doing so to see how it goes.

I should be making other posts on here as well. Things like dev blogs or announcments will be included alongside release posts. I've thought about making personal blogs as well with topics outside of FreeTube. I will most likely make that a second blog in an effort to not clutter up this one. I'd love to here your opinion on if you'd be interested in that.

For those new to this platform, this is write.as. A blogging platform that respects user's privacy and allows users to post anonymously. More info can be found at their website though it looks to be the best solution for my needs as well as being privacy friendly for those that follow this project.

For those not wanting to have to come here all the time to check for updates, you can add this url (https://write.as/freetube/feed/) to your favorite RSS reader. Those of you who use Mastodon can also follow @FreeTube@write.as for updates.

If you have any questions, feel free to post on the GitHub page or ask me in our Matrix server. Hope to see you around!