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Well this wasn't exactly a post I was expecting to make. It has been made to my attention that previous versions of FreeTube haven't been working properly in the past few days. Looking into the issue, it looks like the YouTube API was reorganized which breaks the functionality of FreeTube versions that were still using it.


Hey all,

Today I have stopped paying for the Heroku server that was used for early FreeTube versions (anything below, but not including, v0.3.0). Because these early versions relied on the server to play videos, this will most likely break those versions. There is an off chance that the free version will keep these versions running and I will not delete the server because of this. Because of this change, early versions of FreeTube are now considered deprecated and may not function properly. Anyone on these versions will need to upgrade their download in order to continue using FreeTube. Those already above v0.3.0 will not be affected.

Take care!

Hey everyone! I'm back with a new release for FreeTube along with some other news. There's a lot to cover so I'll get right to it!


Hey there! I'm trying to look at more ways for users to keep up to date with the progress on FreeTube. I'm hoping that using a platform for blogs will help out by being able to give more frequent updates than I could with GitHub. I feel like I could only make a post if I do it alongside a new release. A lot of things can happen in between releases and it would be much better to talk about that in a more timely manner. I may not post all the time on here, but it should be more frequent than what you see on GitHub.